Business Cordless Phones NEC IP DECT

Cordless Phones NEC IP DECT

NEC IP DECT cordless phones are the ultimate communication devices for voice, text messaging and in house mobility.

On site Wireless telephony on your IP Network

In today’s business environment you want to offer employees a flexible way of working, while increasing customer service. You want to extend the reach of your voice network but also save on branch office costs. You want to optimize the use of your converged network and offer feature transparency between the wired and wireless world. You want to extend VoIP to the wireless world without any compromise in voice quality, availability and security.

With NEC’s Business Mobility IP DECT you can do all of that, and more

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – With IP DECT callers get quick access to your
    employees improving customers satisfaction rates
  • Business effi ciency – With the IP DECT mobility features, employees can always be
    reached and seamless handover guarantees conversations continue when on the move
  • Increased performance – IP DECT offers powerful functionality such as corporate
    directory access, text messaging and presence on the phone; overall efficiency and productivity will increase
  • Cost savings – IP DECT drastically reduces your monthly cellular costs by offering a mobile, flexible, easy to use wireless voice solution in the office environment
  • For any organization – IP DECT is a scalable and secure communications solutions for
    single office environment, campus environment or even metropolitan environment

Business Mobility IP DECT delivers on site wireless telephony in a unique solution that
combines the benefits of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of the well
established DECT technology.

10 reasons for Business Mobility IP DECT


  1. It’s proven and reliable
    Business Mobility IP DECT builds on proven and mature technology
  2. It’s scalable
    IP DECT is scalable for 1 to 256 Access Points, and even beyond
  3. It’s affordable
    It is very attractively priced
  4. It’s integrated
    It offers all the relevant features users expect from business telephones
  5. Easy deployment and management
    Encryption and security are standard. IP DECT also comes with powerful management tools and the handset software can be downloaded ‘through the air’
  6. Rich choice of terminals
    For every user profile a specific handset and a choice of features and applications
  7. Take handset to other locations
    With IP DECT the handset will subscribe automatically in other locations allowing users to stay reachable under the same number
  8. Makes Unified Communications a reality
    All IP DECT handsets share the same central directory which is always up to date.
    The directory even shows the presence of the required person
  9. Powerful messaging to alarm and alert staff
    Alarms and text messages will alert staff, helping them to respond immediately to emergencies
  10. Protects investment
    IP DECT uses open standards such as the open messaging interface, the SIP protocol, the GAP compatibility for the handsets and many more

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