Business Telephone Products

Small Business Phone Systems

NEC SL1100 Digital Handset
The NEC SL1100 provides cost effective business communication functionality to companies from 1 – 20 users. This unique platform is the ideal solution for any small business. The SL1100 makes your team more reachable, more responsive and more productive.

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Medium Business Phone Systems

sv9100 Telephone System
Interruption of communications services means downtime for your business, customers and loss of revenue. That’s why NEC’s SV9100 platform is one of the easiest to configure Unified-Communications-capable systems on the market. The SV9100 easily integrates with existing IT technology as a fully interoperable digital or IP system.


Wireless Headsets

Wireless Phone Headset
Another CS family headed for the bestseller list. Plantronics legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS500 Series. The new system features the lightest DECT headset on the market, a new streamlined design and improved performance all with the same reliability for hands-free productivity that has made the CS family a bestseller for nearly a decade.

Wireless Headsets Benefits

  • Wireless Headsets improve productivity and work safety

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Conferencing Solutions

Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference Phones
For clear, productive conference calls, Polycom Conference Phones are the industry standard and a fixture in meeting rooms worldwide.

These phones:

  • Ensure everyone can be clearly heard, making meetings shorter and more productive.
  • Enable seamless conversations.
  • Deliver 360° degree microphone pickup and other group voice capabilities.
  • Boost meeting productivity in an affordable and effective way.

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Custom Announcement System

Fortune 4000 Custom Announcement System
Fortune 4000 is a complete Message On Hold player and Custom Announcement system. The Player has all the key features of a serious MOH player while the supporting web site delivers rapid, professional custom MOH Announcements. A perfect combination!

Message in Hold:

20% of listeners to on hold messages are more inclined to make a purchasing decision based on the information in a message”

AT&T and CNN Survey

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